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20 lb Wheel Of Cantelet Dore
  • 20 lb Wheel Of Cantelet Dore
    More About 20 lb Wheel Of Cantelet Dore

    One of the oldest of the French cheeses, Cantal was reportedly enjoyed over 2000 years ago in ancient Rome. This AOC cheese Named for the mountains of the Auvergne region is often referred to as the 'French cheddar', though recipes for Cantal and Cheddar is very different, and so are the resulting textures. When young, it has a mild, buttery flavor that, over time, Develops into a pleasant bite, reminiscent of sharp cheddar. This Cantalet Dore is a smaller version of a Cantal wheel. The Cheese is similar but more manageable.

    Beverage to accompany: Light, fruity red wines
    Quantity: 20 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 20 lb Wheel Of Cantelet Dore

     20 lb Wheel Of Fontina Val d'Aosta DOP

  • 20 lb Wheel Of Fontina Val d'Aosta DOP
    More About 20 lb Wheel Of Fontina Val d'Aosta DOP

    This cheese has been the victim of becoming known by it's imposters. Danish 'Fontina', Fontinella, Fontal and Fontella all aspire to the richness and quality fo the real thing but really come nowhere close. Real Fontina is marked with a Consorzio stamp of a mountain and FONTINA inside a circle. Fontina is the traditional cheese for Fonduta; a rich whipped fondue-style dish with eggs and cream. Accordingly it is a wonderful melting cheese as well as table cheese. The texture is semi-firm and supple with rich, herbaceous and fruity flavor. It is much enjoyed when paired with fruits.

    Beverage to accompany: Friuli Merlot; German Riesling; Dolcetto; Red & White Rhones; Urquell Pilsner
    Quantity: 20 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 20 lb Wheel Of Fontina Val d'Aosta DOP

     21 lb Wheel Of Abondance AOC

  • 21 lb Wheel Of Abondance AOC
    More About 21 lb Wheel Of Abondance AOC

    The town of Abondance lies on the river of the same name in the French Alps, close to the Swiss border. Abondance is an AOC Cheese requiring, among other restrictions, that the animals not be fed on silage. The result is a very flavorful cheese Expressing the bounty of rich pastures. The cheese is pressed, brine-soaked and ages, during which time it is rubbed with salt And wiped with a cloth soaked in a morge (made by mixing the sticky, brown rinds of old cheese with saltwater.). This cheese May replace or combine with a gruyere-style or mountain cheese for melting purposes to add extra dimensions of flavor. The Texture is firm with a tight paste and the flavor full, nutty with a nice sharp tang.

    Beverage to accompany: Light and fruity reds; Big whites
    Quantity: 21 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 21 lb Wheel Of Abondance AOC

     26 lb Wheel Of Gorgonzola 'Naturale'

  • 26 lb Wheel Of Gorgonzola 'Naturale'
    More About 26 lb Wheel Of Gorgonzola 'Naturale'

    One gorgonzola legend is an example of mistake leading to the invention of a cheese that has become very long-lived. The story claims that an innkeeper in the town of Gorgonzola had too much Stracchino cheese (made from the tired or stracca Cows returning to the valleys from mountain pastures) that didn't get used up quickly enough. After developing mold on and Throughout the cheese, he questioned whether they were still any good. Unable to absorb the potential loss, he served the Cheese anyway. Coincidentally, the customers liked it so much, they had to increase production and give them time to mold. A More likely history is that the overall production from the stracca cows was too much milk to hold, so it was made into cheese And stored in caves where they would naturally go blue over time. The method (still used today) starts with producing curd From an evening milking, allowing it to settle overnight and topping it with curd from the morning milking. Cheeses are now Pierced to accelerate the veining (referred to as parsley or erborinato) of the Penicillium glaucom bacteria. Gorgonzola 'Bebiverde' is a dolce-style cheese, with a wet, fragile rind. It is young and creamy with a relatively mild, sweet flavor. Gorgonzola 'Piccante' is an aged version also referred to as naturale, stagionato or mountain Gorgonzola. It is firm and Crumbly with a dry, thick rind and sharp flavor.

    Beverage to accompany: Sauternes; bordeaux; port; barlywine; dark beer
    Quantity: 26 lb One Quarter Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 26 lb Wheel Of Gorgonzola 'Naturale'

     28 lb Wheel Of Asiago Pressato DOP

  • 28 lb Wheel Of Asiago Pressato DOP
    More About 28 lb Wheel Of Asiago Pressato DOP

    Asiago pressato is a fresh cheese, semi-soft in texture and very mild in flavor. Works well for a mild table or metlign cheese or for use in sandwiches.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 28 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 28 lb Wheel Of Asiago Pressato DOP

     3 lb 12 Portion Case Of Banon Feuille Vache

  • 3 lb 12 Portion Case Of Banon Feuille Vache
    More About 3 lb 12 Portion Case Of Banon Feuille Vache

    The family of Banon cheeses traditionally comes from the Provence area and may be made from cow's milk, vache, Goat’s milk or a combination. The cheeses are immersed in eau-de-vie then allowed to age in a chestnut leaf. This cow's Milk version develops a rustic woodsy character from the leaf, and with age will become strong and soft.

    Beverage to accompany: Whites, roses, reds from Cotes de Provence. If the cheese is more aged, any Rhone red.
    Quantity: 12 4 oz Portion Case
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 3 lb 12 Portion Case Of Banon Feuille Vache

     3.3 lb Wheel Of Munster AOC

  • 3.3 lb Wheel Of Munster AOC
    More About 3.3 lb Wheel Of Munster AOC

    An ancient cheese from those industrious monks, whose name, Munster, is a derivative of 'monastery'.Technically, the AOC designated name for this cheese may be Munster of Munster-Gerome form Alsace and Lorraine respectively. Munster undeniably takes its own place in the cheese world. It is strong and pungent in both aroma and on the palate, thou its concentrated rich, spicy and earthy flavor tends to make fans out of the skeptical.

    Beverage to accompany: Alsatian wines, Gewurztraminers; Reislings; Tokay; Pinot gris d'Alsace; Muscadet; Fruity reds; Burgundies and Bordeaus; Beer
    Quantity: 3.3 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 3.3 lb Wheel Of Munster AOC

     3.5 lb Portion Of Grand Pont L'Eveque AOC

  • 3.5 lb Portion Of Grand Pont L'Eveque AOC
    More About 3.5 lb Portion Of Grand Pont L'Eveque AOC

    This is another ancient Norman cheese made in the area of its namesake in town. Though still a washed rind Cheese, it is much more restrained that Livarot. The rind is generally not as moist and smelly, but rather with a grassy and Mellow bouquet. The flavor is savory, reminiscent of Camembert, with a rich, creamy texture.

    Beverage to accompany: Full bodied red Bordeaux, Thone, Burgundy, Condrieu, Cider
    Quantity: 3.5 lb Portion
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 3.5 lb Portion Of Grand Pont L'Eveque AOC

     3.5 lb Wheel Of Explorateur Maxi

  • 3.5 lb Wheel Of Explorateur Maxi
    More About 3.5 lb Wheel Of Explorateur Maxi

    Easily recognizable by the rocket on the label, explorateur is sinful, a buttery smooth indulgence to say the very Least!

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 3.5 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 3.5 lb Wheel Of Explorateur Maxi

     4 lb Wheel Of Saint~Nectaire 'L'Or des Domes' AOC

  • 4 lb Wheel Of Saint~Nectaire 'L'Or des Domes' AOC
    More About 4 lb Wheel Of Saint~Nectaire 'L'Or des Domes' AOC

    This cheese is made in the north part of Auvergne, in the mountainous area of Mont-Dore, a popular Skiing area. Traditionally the cheese is aged on rye straw and occasionally brine washed, which contributes to its Characteristic aroma of an old, humid cellar. The rind may show many colorful molds (white, yellow and red), a result of the Wild grasses that the Salers cows eat during summer and autumn. The texture is semi-soft often with small eyes in the paste. The flavor is a wonderful combination of a summer pasture and sweet, fruity milk flavors.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 4 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: 4 lb Wheel Of Saint~Nectaire 'L'Or des Domes' AOC


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