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French Brie with Herb and Garlic
  • French Brie with Herb and Garlic
    More About French Brie with Herb and Garlic

    Our 60% French Brie Couronne with Herbs and Garlic, by the superlative fromagerie Henri Hutin, is made of 60% Cream and topped with a light dusting of herbs and garlic.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: .42 lb Portion
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: French Brie with Herb and Garlic

     French Brie with Pepper

  • French Brie with Pepper
    More About French Brie with Pepper

    Another delightful creation from the superlative fromagerie Henri Hutin, this French brie with pepper is a delicately seasoned version of the French classic. Here is a piquant complement to your favorite French white wine.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: .42 lb Portion
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: French Brie with Pepper

     Fromager D'Affinois

  • Fromager D'Affinois
    More About Fromager D'Affinois

    This fantastic soft ripened cheese is a welcome addition to the brie world. When ripe it has a runny texture That coats like icing. The rind is flawless and adds flavor to the sweetness of the cheese. This is truly an Addictive

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 4.4 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Fromager D'Affinois


  • Gaperon
    More About Gaperon

    Gaperon is a mild cheese enhanced by garlic and cracked black pepper. Originally the cheese incorporated buttermilk in The recipe. In the Auvergne dialect the word gap or gape translates to buttermilk. After butter production the remaining Buttermilk would be used in the cheese making. Though it no longer contains buttermilk, the flavor is still mildly tangy and Made even more popular by the garlic and pepper.

    Beverage to accompany: Coarse, robust wines such as Cotes-du-Rhone, Corbieres; Syrahs; Cabernets.
    Quantity: 3/4 lb Portion, Dome Shaped
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Gaperon

     Grand 17 lb Wheel Of Morbier Jura AOC

  • Grand 17 lb Wheel Of Morbier Jura AOC
    More About Grand 17 lb Wheel Of Morbier Jura AOC

    Originally Morbier was made from leftover curd for the personal consumption of Comte cheese makers. The AOC versions Are from the Jura or Doubs regions -- other non-AOC Morbier on the market are usually made in other departments and do not Have the same integrity of flavor of AOC versions. It is a semi-soft cow's milk cheese, named after the small village of Morbier and identified by the layer of ash in the center. Initially, the milk for Morbier came from two milkings (the evening And the morning), hence the layering of the cheese. But the ash that appears in the center has a few legends. Some say that The curd was left to sit by the fire overnight until the morning milking and the ash from the fire blew on to the settling Curd. Others say it was intentionally rubbed on the evening layer, with soot from the bottom of the kettles, to keep it from Drying out and to protect it from flies (the resinous soot or ash used was thought to have insecticide properties). In yet Another version, a clumsy cheese maker dropped a freshly made cheese and to hide the soiled side placed another layer on top. Now, Morbier is made commercially from a single milking and uses a sterilized vegetable ash for tradition's sake. The Morbier Jura has a supple, soft texture and a very mild flavor with good richness.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 17 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Grand 17 lb Wheel Of Morbier Jura AOC

     Istara AOC

  • Istara AOC
    More About Istara AOC

    This is a wonderful version of the traditional Ossau-Iraty-Brebis from the Rigal Family of cheeses. It has a dense, semi-firm texture sometimes broken with a few thing fissures or holes but otherwise compact. The flavor is refined and ballanced -- aromatic herbaceaous and fruity qualities with a buttery rich finish. This cheese is similar in style to an Etorki but has much more character and complexity largely due to its AOC status. Anyone who enjoys sheep cheese will quickly become an addict.

    Beverage to accompany: Full bodied, fruity reds
    Quantity: .475 lb Portion
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Istara AOC

     L'Edel de Cleron coupe

  • L'Edel de Cleron coupe
    More About L'Edel de Cleron coupe

    This cheese is loosely based on several that play an important role in traditional French and Swiss mountain Cheeses. It is made from gently pasteurized cow's milk, banded with a strip of bark and aged to develop the oozy, runny Character of the real cheeses called Vacherin du Haut Doubs or Vacherin Mont d'Or. The French and Swiss both are credited With the introduction of this style of cheese which are basically identical except that the Swiss use pasteurized milk and the French use raw milk. The tradition of production stems from the climate and difficulties of living in the mountains; when the Winters came it was literally impossible to deliver milk to the Comte, or Abondance cooperatives, so people made smaller Cheeses for home use that could be eaten within weeks. These young cheeses were fairly fragile and so were banded with bark (Spruce, fir or pine) to hold the shape for storage and serving. Even now these cheeses are best eaten from late fall to Spring when the milk is most suitable for this type of cheese. In the US we have to make due with faux Vacherin due to a listeria problem in 1983, from a batch of contaminated pasteurized Swiss Vacherin. The result is that no Vacherin, Swiss or French may be imported. Ecorce de Sapin, which we also carry, is another cheese made by Perrin in the same manner that Develops a more earthy character and is not as milky in flavor. The flavor of L'Edel de Cleron is perfumed with scents of the Forest and a slight resinous aspect from the bark. The texture is very rich and creamy.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 4.4 lb Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: L'Edel de Cleron coupe

     La Roche

  • La Roche
    More About La Roche

    The creamy texture and the power of Penicillium Roqueforti are of great balance in this soft ripened wheel. This is a great table Bleu cheese that has a sweet finish.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 1 kilo Wheel
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: La Roche

     Le Berger Basque

  • Le Berger Basque
    More About Le Berger Basque

    This raw sheep's milk cheese is definitely a little Basque treasure, about as rustic as a cheese can get. The natural rind betrays many of the good things that these lucky sheep are eating. The various molds point to a varied diet of herbs, grasses and other good nibbles. In particular, the prevalence of the rust colored mold on the rind may indicate a high content of carotene in their diet. The interior is firm and dense. It melts on the tongue with fabulous complexity, all at once nutty, sweet, herbaceaous and sheepy.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 2.2 lb Piece
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Le Berger Basque

     Le Chevrot

  • Le Chevrot
    More About Le Chevrot

    Chevrot is a small cylindrical artisan goat cheese with a dense, semi-soft texture and generous, complex flavors typically foun din well-aged goat cheeses. It is great to eat at many stages, ages particularly well and will prove to be popular with goat cheese fanatics.

    Beverage to accompany:
    Quantity: 5 oz Portion
    Price from: Click Here For Latest Price
    Detailed Info For: Le Chevrot


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